• Welcome to the Venus International Foundation!
      9 Years of Success! 35 Meetings – 125 Sessions – 200 Speakers – 3000 Professionals from 25 Countries!!!

    An Independent Trust – Adding Value to People by Advancing Professional Skills and Encouraging Career Development

    Venus International Foundation – VIF is the country’s leading Professional Organization dedicated to advancing Scientific and Industrial Meetings (Type: Workshop and Awards) to Build Vibrant Community to Exchange New Knowledge and Innovation to Stimulate Fresh Insights on different levels in a cordial and collaborative setting as a part of developing new professional skills.

    Since 2015, VIF has contributed and has been a persistent pioneer in Scientific and Industrial Meetings. VIF is well known and respected for its combination of innovative and user-friendly approach and vigorous maintenance of integrity and impartiality.

    Characterized by a tradition of Quality and Reliability, with a 'Technically Competent – Relevant Experience and Sector Experts', the VIF, delivers the best performance with Detailed Programming – Control and Monitoring – Communication and Implementation Mechanisms, to push forward the boundaries to make an impact on people’s lives.

  • Establishment
    The VENUS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION IS AN INDEPENDENT TRUST that adhere to the relevant Standards – Laws – Regulations and Policies. The VIF Governance promotes "Equity – Stakeholder participation – Pluralism – Transparency and Accountability" in a manner that is effective, efficient and enduring.

  • Governance and Management
    The Board of Trustees (of VIF have a wide range of skills and interests which is reflected in the broad remit of VIF projects) and Advisors will determine the general policy of the foundation in discussion with the project and finance committees.

    Day-to-day management of VIF is carried out by R. Sathishkumar with a small team of staff (8 full time and 6 part time) to this work.