Quality, Competence and Reliability

The Venus International Award Recognizes Individuals for their Quality, Reliability and Competence to Apply Knowledge and Skills to carry out specific tasks.

1. The Award

The Venus International Award is a Certificate. It's a Non-financial Award.

    It is a Formal Authentication

    A Seal of Approval

    A Recognition

    A Written Assurance to a Person

2. The Award Policy Document

The Venus International Foundation (VIF) is committed to providing equal opportunity to all with the highest regard to Independence, Credibility, Impartiality, Transparency, Integrity and Confidentiality.

The Award Policy document has

    The Award Schemes are developed in response to sector needs. They are designed to be fit-for-purpose.

    The Award Schemes are developed with the aim that the outcomes achieve the intended results and any communication, is a true and fair reflection of outcomes.

    All the components of a Award schemes are structured to deliver measurable, quality outcomes. It contain the necessary requirements to achieve the intended outcomes.

3. The Award Process

Step - 1


Nomination Application

Step - 2


Secretariat Review

Step - 3


Document Review

Step - 4


Preliminary Assessment

Step - 5



Step - 6


Peer Assessment

Step - 7


Committee's Decision

Step - 8


Declaration to the Nominee

Step - 9


Award Presentation Ceremony

4. Benefits of Venus International Award

A Benchmark Recognition on Quality, Competence and Reliability.

    It Builds Confidence and Trust on Stakeholders

    It increase the Credibility, Image, Reputation and Brand value.

    It improves the Effective Operation of Sectors and Competence of their Personnel.

5. About the (Venus International Foundation) System

The Venus International Foundation (VIF) assessment processes are Transparent and Accountable.

    With the principles of Impartiality, Fairness and Objectivity, the VIF designed to be free from bias and conflict of interest.

    The system is designed to be Transparent so that all interested personnel can be aware of the rules and processes underlying the system.

    VIF has an Open and Fair Mechanism for the evaluation.

    The VIF authorities are free from any influence.