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  • Centre for Women Development

    Only around 30% of world’s researchers are women and they publish less and paid less.

    To reduce this gap, we must go beyond and identify...

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    Center for Health & Medical Sciences

    "Multidisciplinary Healthcare Professionals to Collaborate in High-quality Research, Practices and Services".

    Also, it support collaborative relationships...

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    Centre for Research and Innovation

    The Science and Technology is undergoing dynamic change and the applications to the issues are difficult to solve by a single institution.

    Also, it serves...

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    Centre for Learning Network

    This center is dedicated to the promotion of Science and Technology Teaching and Higher Education Development.

    The impact of digital transformation in shaping a higher education landscape ...

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    • 9 Years of Success!

      38 Scientific Meetings – 200 Speakers – 3000 Professionals from 30 Countries!!

    • As an Independent Professional Organization (with the motto of Adding Value to People; with a belief in Science, Research and Evidence-based Practices), we intend to advance several Scientific Meetings to Build Vibrant Community to exchange New Knowledge and Innovation to stimulate fresh insights as a part of developing New Professional Skills.

      And we are thankful to Researchers, Healthcare Professionals and Faculty Members spread across the globe!
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