The Governing Council has overall responsibility for the Foundation Activities, and may determine all matters of Foundation policy except those specifically assigned to the Board of Trust.

Council Members

R. Sathishkumar – Chair

M. S. Sudha – Member

T. R. Ganeshbabu – Member

J. S. Prasth – Member

V. Arun – Member

M. Shanmuga Jothi – Member

Governing Council

The Governing Council may

Determine the mission, vision and values, the administrative and program activities of the Foundation

Appoint staff as required, and determine their duties, conditions of employment, and salaries and honoraria

Regulate the conduct of staff and other persons who use the property of the Foundatin, including denying any person access to the property

Borrow, in any fiscal year, money required to meet ordinary expenditures until the revenues for that fiscal year are available

Enter into agreements to further the Foundation activity’s purposes, including agreements to develop and deliver joint programs

Establish and collect registration fees and charges for programs and events, and for other services that may be offered by the Foundation

Generally, do anything else that the Governing Council considers necessary or advisable to carry out the purposes of the Foundation

Governing Council Committees

The Governing Council may delegate any of its powers or duties to any committee or any person and may strike ad hoc committees for a specific task and limited time as required. The committees listed below are linked to the Terms of Reference within the Governing Councils Governance Policies

1. Executive Committee

2. Finance Committee

3. Policy and By-Law Committee