Academic Workshop

The Academic Workshops creates a learning-by-doing atmosphere through discussion and interaction among the attendees. It is designed for working professionals who are innovators, have a desire to learn more, are in a career transition, or are considering a career change. The tracks are designed to make the day as productive and comfortable as possible. Meetings are an important part of the lives of many people!

It bring people together and by the very objective of building community around a subject, they have a positive social impact. It is also possible to go beyond engaging the attendees at events and reach out to ensure surrounding communities, staff and other stakeholders benefit from the event.

Phase - I Technical Sessions

The objectives of the technical sessions of the academic workshops are given below:

To provide a unique learning experience with topics on the cutting edge of technical innovation today.

To provide an opportunity to learn first-hand from the field experts.

To spend time interactively, perhaps in facilitated activities, where the participants generate some form of product (e.g. goals for the coming year, a strategy, etc.) at the end of the session.

To get participants fully involved in the learning process: group discussions, activities & exercises, opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.

To be working, thinking, doing, processing, creating, skill building

Phase - II Awards Ceremony

The award scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Regulations/Policy document, Nomination Application, Expert Committee, Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust.

In general for a meet/event, 50 to 150 Nominees (4 to 7 disciplines) will be selected for Award.