Entry by Invitation Only

The Registered Delegate can collect the valid Entry Ticket from the Registration Desk

The Guests/Accompanying Persons must have a valid Entry Ticket to enter the event

Any person found not to be wearing an official event wristband/ID Card will be ejected from the event

Failure to produce/show a valid Entry Ticket may result in refusal of entry

Any person gaining unauthorized access or causing a disturbance or refusing to comply with requests from Security/Staff will be ejected from the event

Entry Ticket for Accompany Person (s)

The Guests/Accompanying Persons can get required number of Entry Ticket at the Registration Desk on the day of event

The Entry Ticket includes

1. Access to All sessions
2. Access to All invited speakers
3. One Lunch coupon & Breaks

Note: The Registration does NOT include Travel and Accommodation costs

Workshop Registration Fee

VIF workshops (that has a Detailed Programming, Control and Monitoring Systems, Efficient Lines of Communication and Implementation Mechanisms) are self-supporting event and the event registration fees are the major source of revenue for running the event

Following expenses of the events are covered by the event income (registration fees from the participants) and Foundation operating funds

1. Office Requirements
a) Office Rent and Maintenance
b) Website Design (Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate, Template/Theme, Content, Integrations & SEO etc)
c) HR Compliance
d) Stationery

2. Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
a) Hardware (Personal Computers, Routers, Switches, and other equipments)
b) Software
c) Networking (Internet connectivity, Network enablement, Firewalls & security, Routers, Switches & Cables)
d) Modular Office Workstation
e) Surveillance/Security Cameras

3. Operations
a) Electricity, Telephone, Internet
b) Google Workspace
c) Employees (Salary/Benefits)
d) Taxes, Accounting and Auditing fee
e) Printing
f) Materials

4. Floor Expenses on the day of Event
a) Venue Hire/Hall Expenses
b) Logistics
c) Additional Staff & Labor
d) Audio Visual Equipment/Major Rentals & staff
e) Printing & Signage, Banners and Backdrops
f) Stage Decoration
g) Photography
h) Food & Beverage 
i) Gifts/Premiums
k) Packing and Postage

5. Website Maintenance
a) Ensuring the proper functioning of the Website
b) Regular checking for issues and making updates in the Website
c) Backing up the Website Data
d) Renewal of Website Domain, Hosting and SSL Certificate etc

Note: Roles and Responsibilities of Project Officer

Implementing event strategies – Pre-event activities – Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers – Monitoring event budgets – Preparing reports – Tracking event team performance – Prepare contract and correspondences – Coordinate all operations – Post-event activities .