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Programme Benefits

Board of Management

Dr. R. Sathishkumar - Chairman

Mrs. M. S. Sudha - Director

Mrs. S. Geetha - Staff

Ms. A. Khomalam - Staff

Academic Programmes

Advanced Scientific Research

   Type: Diploma

   Duration: 1 Year

Applied Research Methods

   Type: Certificate

   Duration: 6 months


Venus Institute of Adv. Studies,
No.1, Ganesh Nagar Main, Road, Adambakkam, Chennai-600088, India. Phone: 044-22531502 Mobile: +91 9840556456
Email: ias@venusinfo.org (or) directorviasindia@gmail.com


Programme Benefits

Adv. Sci. Res. - AScR Diploma

Strives to sustain and enhance the quality in research and economic development

Venus Institute of Advanced Studies-VIAS is a private institute for scientific research and higher education located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is established in the year 2017 by the 'Resolution of the Board of Trustees' of Venus International Foundation.

The Institute has an independent control over the daily operations, courses offered, admission procedures and fees. The final Diploma and Certificate is issued by the VIAS. The Institute has an academic unit (responsible for curriculum) and an administrative unit (responsible for operations).

The Institute offers Diploma & Certificate programmes in Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Science, Management, Humanities and Social Science for mid career and working professionals.


AScR Diploma-Admission Notification