The Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) is established on 19th June 2017, provides a forum to establish a network of administrators to facilitate problem solving, communication, and professional development.




Centre for Leadership Development – CLD,

Venus International Foundation,

No.1, Ganesh Nagar Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600088, Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: 044 – 22531502

Mobile: +91 9840556456

Email: cld@venusinfo.org

Centre for Leadership Development

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Welcome to the Centre for Leadership Development


To support enhancing the ability of leadership skills and cover a variety of skills including conflict management, team building, budget management, strategic planning, and faculty development.

To develop strategic thinking capabilities, adapting leadership to situational contexts - Influencing, inspiring and developing people

To develop, promote and sustain organisational vision

Current Meeting

3rd Leadership Conclave
6 November 2021

The Industry Leadership Conclave provides a platform to the Industry Leaders, Government Leaders and Policy makers for exchanging ideas, sharing views and also provide a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics of the current industry ...

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CLD – Facts

4+ Meetings
160+ Leaders
12+ Speakers