Prof. Manoj Gupta - National University of Singapore

Born in New Delhi in 1961, Manoj Gupta had his schooling in the same town and graduated in Metallurgical Engineering in 1984 from Visvesveraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur, securing a first class with distinction. Following that Manoj completed his M. Eng. degree (Metallurgy) in 1987 from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and was awarded the GOLD MEDAL. He pursued his doctoral programme in University of California, Irvine and obtained his Ph.D. in 1992. After that he spent 4 months as Post-Doctoral Fellow in University of Alberta, Canada. He took up the job in NUS, Singapore in 1993 and is continuing there till now. Currently, Dr. Manoj Gupta is an Associate Professor.

He was formerly, Head of Materials Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Director designate of Materials Science and Engineering Initiative of National University of Singapore. His current research interests include processing, microstructure and properties evaluation of advanced structural materials for multiple engineering and biomedical applications. To his credit are: (i) 'Disintegrated Melt Deposition' technique, a unique liquid-state processing method, and (ii) 'Hybrid Microwave Sintering' technique, an energy efficient solid-state processing method, to synthesize Al and Mg light-metal alloys/micro/nano-composites.

He has published over 400 peer reviewed research papers in various international journals and owns two US patents related to development of processing techniques and advanced materials. He has also co-authored four books, 'Microwave and Metals' and 'Magnesium, Magnesium Alloys and Magnesium Composites', published by John Wiley and "Insight into Designing Biocompatible Magnesium Alloys and Composites" and "Metallic Amorphous Alloy Reinforcements in Light Metal Matrices" by Springer in 2015.


Date of joining: December 22, 2015

Status as on date of joining: Chair - Int. Advisory Board

Present Status: Chair - Int. Advisory Board