10th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2024

Dr. Abdul Kadir Othman

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

8th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2022

Prof. Matthew Hibberd

Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland

5th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2019

Dr. Manoj Gupta

National University of Singapore, Singapore

5th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2019

Professor Steve Taylor

Northumbria University, England

4th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2018

July 2024 Chennai, India

Stimulates Real Progress, Practical Concerns and Commercialization

Welcome to the official webpage of the 10th Research Meet! The 10th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2024 is convened by the Centre for Research and Innovation of Venus International Foundation and will be conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution.

The Science and Technology is undergoing dynamic change and the applications to the issues are difficult to solve by a single institution. The ARM serves as a catalyst and a driving force to enable the global flow of knowledge by connecting institutes and researchers to increase the probability of innovation. Further, to ensure the sustainable development of the society, ARM provides an opportunity for all to network, share ideas and present their work to a global community.

The ARM stimulates real progress and share insights on the state of the art expertise in basic research, practical concerns and commercialization of new technologies.

The ARM 2024 (Event Code: RM24EN10SN–039 | Type: Scientific Workshop) invites Researchers, Scientists, Professors and Faculty Members working in Institutions of Research/Academic, Industrial, Government, or Private on the frontiers of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Science, Veterinary and Animal Sciences.


    To Create Opportunities to Develop a New Culture to Drive Research and Innovation

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    Dr. R. Sathishkumar
    General Chair

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    Program Chair
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    Dr. T. R. Ganeshbabu
    Publications Chair
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    Centre for Research and Innovation,
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