R. Sathishkumar

Founder and Managing Trustee

Qualification: PhD

M. S. Sudha

Director and Trustee

Qualification: M.Com., CWA.,


Prof. Manoj Gupta

Chair - Advisory Board

Qualification: PhD

T. R. Ganeshbabu

Joint. Director (Hon.)

Qualification: PhD

How the Foundation is run

The Board of Trustees of Venus International Foundation (VIF) has a wide range of skills and interests which is reflected in the broad remit of VIF projects.

Trustees and advisors will determine the general policy of the foundation in discussion with the project and finance committees.

Day-to-day management of VIF is carried out by R. Sathishkumar with a small team of staff (8 full time and 6 part time) to this work.

The VIF is an Independent Trust and it does not have a physical campus. It is not affiliated and/or has no connection with any Government/Private Institutions/Bodies/Authorities for its Programs/Activities..