Welcome to the official website of the Venus International Foundation

VIF stands for the Venus International Foundation. The trust is registered under this name and it is the full legal name.

Our History

    The Venus International Foundation was established on 20 January 2015 to provide greater access to Professional Skills and Career Development

6th Anniversary

    Since the Foundation's inception in the 2015, our community has conducted several Meetings.
    6 Years – 28 Meetings – 85 Sessions – 160 Speakers – 3000 Professionals from 25 Countries


    Institute of Continuing Education – ICE is a part of the Foundation which is accessible to all, regardless of previous study or educational background. Our learning courses are designed to inspire and encourage further study for personal enrichment. Our aim is to make the learning environment a welcoming, supportive and rewarding one for all.



    The Foundation Archives provide information about our history and organization, conveying evidence of its policies and decisions, showing what the Foundation has done and why, how it is organized and operates, and its effect on the wider community.

The Foundation Archive collections

    Established in accordance with a resolution of the Foundation, the Foundation Archive collections is the official repository for the historical records of the Venus International Foundation. We collect copies of current publications, as well as minutes and other documents once they are no longer required for day-to-day purposes.

The archives include:

    Minutes of Board Meeting, the Governing Council and their committees

    Financial records, including annual accounts and balance sheets

    Publications, including annual reports, prospectuses, newsletters, and handbooks

    Records of University and Polytechnic land, estates and facilities