Board of Trustees

R. Sathishkumar


Qualification: PhD

M. S. Sudha


Qualification: CWA

Honorary Advisers

Prof. Manoj Gupta

Chair-Advisory Board

Qualification: PhD

T. R. Ganeshbabu

Joint. Director (Hon.)

Qualification: PhD

  • Venus International Foundation (VIF) is passionate and on a mission to build a community, share knowledge and create change

    Venus International Foundation (It is the legal name & trade name), the country’s leading higher education Meetings and Events management organization (Tertiary/Services Sector), providing a forum to the appropriate target group by organizing unique Professionally Planned Annual Meetings (Academic Workshop and Awards), with the aim of generating new knowledge and better understanding.

    Characterized by a tradition of innovation and quality, with necessary creative - interpersonal - multitasking and organizational skills (budgeting, communication strategy, devising the concept, executing, financial planning, hospitality, logistics, procurement, scheduling, target audience and advertising, technical aspects and time management, etc) VIF pushed forward the boundaries and made an impact on people’s lives.

  • Why do nearly 1900 participants choose to join at Venus Events

    VIF delivers the best performance (Agenda | Reports | Glimpses) with our
    Detailed programming, Control and Monitoring Systems
    Efficient lines of communication & Time management
    Resources, Facilities and Implementation Mechanisms

  • How the Foundation is run

    The Board of Trustees have a wide range of skills and interests which is reflected in the broad remit of VIF projects. Trustees and advisors will determine the general policy of the foundation in discussion with the project and finance committees. Day-to-day management of VIF is carried out by R. Sathishkumar with a small team of staff (8 full time, 4 part time) to this work.

    Note: The VIF is a Legally Registered - Self Governing - Private Trust; It is not affiliated to any University for its Programs/Events. It does not has a physical campus. The VIF office functions on a rental building of 505 sq. ft. unfurnished space. The VIF has no connection with any Govt. or Private bodies/agencies/authorities for its Programs/Events.