I. General Information

a) Year of Establishment: 2015

b) Award Frequency: Annual

c) Award Type: Certificate

d) Award Category: Individual

e) Award Criteria:
Contribution of the individual

f) Award Nomination:
Nomination submitted by email

II. The Assessment

a) The Venus International Foundation (VIF) assessment processes are Transparent and Accountable.

b) With the principles of Impartiality, Fairness and Objectivity, the VIF designed to be free from bias and conflict of interest.

c) The system is designed to be Transparent so that all interested personnel can be aware of the rules and processes underlying the system.

d) VIF has an Open and Fair Mechanism for the evaluation. The VIF authorities are free from any influence.

III. Judging Criteria

The Venus Awards judging is a peer review process. The panel (from diverse backgrounds, working individually) is instructed to score entries from 0 to 100, using the criteria. The VIF aggregates the scores to determine each category.

The panel decision is final and binding. For each category/ discipline (Eg. Outstanding Researcher – Engineering) the expert committee will select 3 nominees.

However the Apex Committee reserve the rights to honour less or more than 3 nominees in any category who meet standards set by the expert committee.

The committee will use discretion if an individual is nominated for two concurrent awards and will move the nomination to appropriate category based on their judgment.

If a nominee meets the criteria for an award, other than the one nominated for, the committee will be deciding to move the nomination to a suitable category.

IV. Submission

A working professional can nominate an 'Eligible Individual' (or Self Nominate).

The Venus Award Scheme no longer requires a hardcopy of the application.

Non–compliant nominations will not be accepted for process/review.

V. Benefits

A Benchmark Recognition on Quality, Competence and Reliability.

It Builds Confidence and Trust on Stakeholders.

It increase the Credibility, Reputation and Brand value.

It improves the Effective Operation of Sectors and Competence of their Personnel.

VI. Headquarters

Office of the Chairman,
Venus International Foundation,
No.1, Ganesh Nagar Main Road,
Chennai – 600088,
Tamilnadu, India.

Tel: 044 – 22531502
Mobile: +91 9840556456
Email: contact@venusinfo.org
Web: https://www.venusinfo.org

The Venus International Award

"Recognition and Reward are the Greatest Asset"

The Venus International formal Award Recognizes Individuals for their Quality, Reliability and Competence to Apply Knowledge and Skills to carry out specific tasks.

1. The Award

    The Venus International Award is a Certificate. It's a Non-financial Award.
    (It is a Formal Authentication; A Seal of Approval; A Recognition; A Written Assurance to a Person)

2. The Scheme

    The Scheme has a Policy, Nomination Application, Expert Committee and Judging Process that are Governed by the Board of Trust.

3. The Award Policy Document

    The Venus International Foundation (VIF) is committed to providing equal opportunity to all with the highest regard to Independence, Credibility, Impartiality, Transparency, Integrity and Confidentiality. The Award Policy document has

    3.1 Relevance
    The Award Schemes are developed in response to sector needs. They are designed to be fit-for-purpose.

    3.2 Truthfulness
    The Award Schemes are developed with the aim that the outcomes achieve the intended results and any communication, is a true and fair reflection of outcomes.

    3.3 Efficiency
    All the components of a Award schemes are structured to deliver measurable, quality outcomes. It contain the necessary requirements to achieve the intended outcomes.

4. General Eligibility and Criteria

    4.1 Eligibility
    The Awards are open to any nationality, who is in good standing at the time of the nomination, and in the age group of 27 – 70 years and has good academic record. The nominee must have completed a recognized Post Graduate/Doctorate Degree or its equivalent.

    4.2 Criteria
    Extensive Knowledge – Mastery of the Subject – Creative Thinking and Dedication to the Profession – Significant and Sustained Contributions to the Institution and/or the Community at large – Quality and Competence evidenced by continuing Intellectual Accomplishments and Pursuits

5. Evaluation Criteria

    5.1 Criteria for Leadership
    Maturity and Courage in Decision Making – Innovation in Achieving Sustainable Growth – Entrepreneurial Thinking – Commitment to Integrity and Diversity – Decisive Actions and Substantial Transformation – Adopting Effective Strategies – Social Responsibility – Introducing Best Practices – Contribution to the Economical and Intellectual Development – Exceptional Drive and Commitment

    Note: Leader
    An active Leader working in a Government or Private Industries at the capacity of 'President, Vice President, CEO, Director, General/Senior/Assistant Manager, Coordinator and Head of Institution/Department/Division'

    5.2 Criteria for Research
    Grants – Patents – Collaboration with Industries and Institutions – Contracts – Publications (Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Short reports or Letters, Case Studies, Methodologies and Books) – Invited Lectures and Presentations – Membership in Professional Organizations.

    Note: Researcher
    An active 'Full-time Regular Researcher' working in Institutions of Academic, Industrial, Government, or Private at the capacity of Associate Scientist / Scientific Officer, Scientist, Principal / Senior Principal Scientist.

    5.3 Criteria for Healthcare
    Exceptional Practice – Selfless Dedication and High Standards of Commitment – Distinct Innovations and Initiatives in Patient Care and Wellbeing – Policy Making and Planning in Healthcare Establishments – Contributions to Safety and Quality – Novel and Effective Treatment Methods.

    Note: Healthcare Professionals
    An active Full-time Regular 'Clinicians/Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Therapists, Researchers and Professors' working in a Government or Private Teaching Hospitals/Clinical Establishments/Research Laboratories/Academic Institutions at the Medical or Medical Super/Surgical or Surgical Super Specialties – Dental Specialties – Pharmacy – Nursing – Physiotherapy – Occupational Therapy – Allied Health Sciences – Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – Public Health.

    5.4 Criteria for Teaching Faculty
    Innovative Teaching Methodology – Development of a New Program – Innovation in Course and Curriculum Design – Transform Traditional Classroom Communities into Shared Experiences (New Services, Projects and Activities as a Collaborator and Consultant) – Research Activity.

    Note: Faculty
    An active 'Full-time Regular Faculty Member' working in a Government or Private Academic Institutions (Autonomous / Affiliated College or University) at the capacity of Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, Assistant/Associate Professor and Professor.

    5.5 Criteria for Woman in Science and Technology
    Courage, Creativity and Originality – Significant Contributions in Science and Technology – Academic and Research Excellence – Distinct Innovations and Initiatives.

    Note: Woman in Science and Technology
    An active 'Full-time Woman Professional' working in a Government or Private Academic/Research Institutions or Industries.

6. The Award Process

    This section describes the Award processes in steps.

    Step – 1


    Nomination Application

    Step – 2


    Secretariat Review

    Step – 3


    Document Review

    Step – 4


    Preliminary Assessment

    Step – 5



    Step – 6


    Peer Assessment

    Step – 7


    Committee's Decision

    Step – 8


    Declaration to the Nominee

    Step – 9


    Award Presentation