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Welcome to the Center for Health and Medical Sciences

The Center for Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS) is establised on June 19, 2017, provides a forum for talented multidisciplinary health care professionals to collaborate in high-quality health services research and practices.


To support collaborative relationships among healthcare professionals to create and disseminate new scientific knowledge that will help to generate impactful research about the safety and quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare in order to inform and shape healthcare practice

To conduct annual meets to discuss their work in progress, to plan methodology for new projects. The extensive research expertise, skills, knowledge and activities of healthcare professionals are honored via Medical & Healthcare Awards

Venus International Medical Awards (VIMA) scheme was instituted in the year 2017 by the Centre for Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS) of Venus International Foundation (VIF). It is presented yearly during the Annual Medical Summit (AMS) that is conducted during April month of the year.

The scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Policy, Nomination Application, Expert Committee and Judging Process that are governed by the Board of Trust.