The AWM 2025


"To Cultivate Research Spirit and Create a Vibrant Community of Women in Science and Technology"

General Instructions

The Session Chairs will be instructed to adhere to the printed schedule.

The conference will be equipped with: Computer, LCD Projector and Microphone for presentations.

AWM 2025 Presentation

    AWM 2025 presenters are suggested to read and follow the instructions given below.

    Guidelines to Data Blitz Presentations

    Data Blitz is a short oral presentation that captures the essence/salient points of research and key results/outcomes.

    Each oral presentation is allocated 10 minutes. (8 minutes for presentation and the remaining 2 minutes reserved for questions and discussion with the attendees) Timings will be rigidly adhered to.

    Hence, plan your slides as per the following sections:

    Slide – 1: Name, Title, Abstract and Keywords (what the paper is about)

    Slide – 2: Introduction (Purpose/Objective); The Hypothesis you want to investigate

    Slide – 3: Current research plan; (Materials/Methodology/Approach)

    Slide – 4: Findings/Results

    Slide – 5: Discussions/Suggestions/Conclusion

    Use graphics and do not use more text on a slide. This will enable audience to listen to the presentaion

    Delegate has to submit a PDF file for the presentation.

    Please Note:

    Presenters are requested to report to the session room at least 30 minutes before the start of their session to introduce themselves to the session chair.

    Each session room will be set with an LCD Projector, a Microphone, and a Laser Pointer. A presentation Laptop will be provided in the session room – No personal laptops will be permitted.

    Contact Us

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