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Scientific Workshop

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5th Annual Research Meet

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ARM 2019

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3rd August 2019

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5th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2019

    The 5th Annual Research Meet – ARM 2019 which is a premier event dedicated to Create Opportunities to Collaborate and Develop a New Culture to Drive Research and Innovation. It was hosted by the Centre for Research and Innovation (erstwhile Centre for Advanced Research and Design) of Venus International Foundation on 3rd August 2019 at Chennai.

    The ARM provided an access to elite and motivated group of researchers from the discipline of Agriculture – Engineering – Medical Sciences – Humanities – Management – Science – Veterinary and Animal Sciences. It has delivered an unbeatable combination of compelling content and electrified atmosphere where ideas are born and strategies are honed.

    The ARM 2019 gathered 50 live attendees from 50 organizations in 5 countries around the globe. It firmly established its position as the country’s important and dedicated international platform for researchers. Our heartfelt gratitude towards our Speakers, Guests of Honors, Attendees and Partners who were the cornerstone of ARM's success.

    Attendee Countries and Regions (Outside of India)
    England, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia

    Guests of Honors
    Dr. H. V. Hande, Former Health Minister – Government of Tamil Nadu, India
    Dr. Mark Frost, University of Portsmouth, England

    Invited Speakers and Title of Talk
    Dr. Manoj Gupta , National University of Singapore, Singapore
    "Significance of Magnesium Based Materials for Emerging Engg./Biomedical Applications"

    Dr. Matthew Hibberd , Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland
    "Examining Youth Engagement with Climate Change in 2019: Opportunities and Barriers"

    Dr. Christine Berberich, University of Portsmouth, England
    "Literature and Politics: How Reading Books can make us into Activists"

    Dr. Ranjita Shegokar , Capnomed GmbH, Germany
    "Nanoparticles in medicine – what’s new?"

    Fifth Research Awards – VIRA 2019 Winners List