Benefits Attending our Workshop

The delegate can

Gain expert knowledge

Learn new topics and meet leaders in their field

Present arguments/ideas clearly and be open to others' points of view

Practice interpersonal skills, such as, dealing with conflicting opinions among group members and working together to accomplish assignments/tasks

Meet new people and can take guidance/learn new way of thinking

Network with others, renew motivation and confidence

Scientific Meetings (Type: Workshop and Awards)

Interactive discussions of the latest scientific developments in a particular field

    VIF workshops create a learning-by-doing atmosphere through discussion/interaction among the working professionals (who has a desire to learn more, who are in a career transition, or are considering a career change).

    The workshop sessions/tracks are designed to make the day as productive and comfortable as possible. Our workshops usually involve a limited number of people who deeply discuss a particular topic with creativity. It is more than knowledge transfer and a place to share experiences and develop skills.

    1. Technical Sessions

    1.1 Learning: The delegates can have unique experience towards learning

      a) New aspects/perspectives/latest information and can get intensive exposure to the topic through presentations led by field experts

      b) Solutions to problems and advice to handle challenges

      c) Spend time interactively, perhaps in facilitated activities, where the delegates generate some form of product (Eg.: Goals & Strategy for the coming year, etc.) at the end of the session.

    1.2 Discussion: The Delegates can

      a) Involve in the cooperative discussion and can have opportunities to share issues related to the topic

      b) Have access to experts and also can have opportunity to meet other people who share your interests

      c) Debate issues related to the field and can share experiences/exchange perspectives; this can lead to higher productivity and fulfillment of professional goals

      d) Exchange of ideas and present practical ways to apply a skill

    2. Awards Ceremony

    3. Workshop Registration Fee

    4. About The Venus Meetings

      Today, convergence is the new innovation as Meeting new contacts and Learning drives professional development. In the Venus meetings, we are gathering likeminded professionals together with a common interest and specific objectives in one place at one time, with expert thinkers from Government, Industry and Academia.

      This enhances globalization and emerge as a knowledge and innovation hub, serves as an important part of learning and developing new skills (beyond the immediate economic impact).

      4.1 What a participant will get out of attending a VIF Meeting?
      With the aim of leveraging science and technology via generating new knowledge and better understanding, VIF conducts multidisciplinary Annual Meetings (Type: Workshop and Awards) to cultivate the vibrant exchange among communities and to engage delegates in new ways on different levels to connect People to People – People to Ideas – People with Markets – People with Opportunity.

        4.1.1 Experiential Learning
        Opportunities to Hear New Ideas, Information, Tools from Experts – To share experiences with and get feedback from peers in a cordial and collaborative setting – Greater focus

        4.1.2 Networking
        To consult relevant topics face to face with professionals working in same field – Build relationships/partnerships – Win Win for all (Note: Professional Growth and Career Development Interactive Opportunities during Live Meetings can’t be duplicated online).

        4.1.3 Motivation and Celebration
        Acknowledgement and Celebration of Achievements – A Recognition and Testimony that will Enhance Credibility, Reputation, Pride and Raise the Visibility of Success – Additional Proof of Hard work – Generates Impulses and Encourage for Better Performance