The ARM 2019

Meet Code: AR19EN05SN-021

Type: Academic Workshop

Normalized Pub. Name: 5th Annual Research Meet

Acronym: CAM 2019

Event Date: August 3, 2019

Location City: Chennai

Location Country: India

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Research Awards 2019




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Meet Report

Research Awards Report

Registration Information - ARM 2019

Registration Fee

Participants working in

    Foreign Institutions


    USD 300 (INR 20000)

    Indian Institutions


    USD 150 (INR 10000)

    Institutions of National Importance (GOI)


    USD 70 (INR 4900)

    Additional Banquet


    USD 30 (INR 2000)

Registration includes

Access to all sessions and invited speakers

One High Buffet Lunch Coupon and Breaks

The registration does not include the travel and accommodation cost of the participants.

The registration fees collected will also supports the long term development of the Meet and to keep the ARM format viable by ensuring that infrastructure and services are in place from year to year.

Activities Covered

The following are some of the activities covered:

I. Publications

Exclusive Webpage for the Award Winner Profile

The Meet (ARM 2019) Report

The Award (VIRA 2019) Report

II. Website & Its Maintenance

III. Taxes

ARM is a self-supporting event

ARM is a self-supporting event and the event registration fees are the major source of revenue for running the event.

All the expenses of the events (Accounting and Auditing fee, Bank charges - Employees Salary/Benefits, Equipment/Major Rentals - Internet, Labor cost - Lunch and Hall Expenses - Gifts/ Premiums, Materials, Office Rent and Maintenance - Packaging, Photography, Planning, Postage Expense - Printing and Stationery, Promotion & Publicity, Publications - Stage decoration expenses - Taxes - Electricity, Telephone - Website Design & Maintenance) are covered by the event income (registration fees from the participants) and Foundation operating funds.