Frequently Asked Questions - 3rd Annual Healthcare Summit - AHS 2020

Q1. The Scheme

Ans: Venus International Healthcare Awards (VIHA) scheme was instituted in the year 2018 by the Centre for Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS) of Venus International Foundation (VIF). It is presented yearly during the Annual Healthcare Summit (AHS) that is conducted during July month of the year.

The Award is a Certificate. It's a Non-financial Award. It is a Formal Authentication - A Seal of Approval - A Recognition and a Written Assurance to a Person. The scheme has a Policy, Nomination Application, Expert Committee and Judging Process that are governed by the Board of Trust.

Q2. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for VIHA 2020?

Ans: Please refer clause 3 of the policy document

Q3. How many entrants win VIHA Awards?

Ans: For each field /speciality (Eg. Excellence in Cardiology), the expert committee will select 2 Nominees. However the Apex Committee reserve the rights to honour less or more than 2 nominees in any category who meet standards set by the expert committee.

Q4. What are the VIHA process?

Ans: Please refer clause 4.2 of the policy document

Q5. Why the Winner has to Register for the AHS Program ?

Ans: The AHS is organized every year at Chennai city and it is a self-supporting event. The summit registration fees are major source of revenue for running the event. All the expenses (Administrative - Materials and Hall - Service Tax and Accounting - Website Design and Maintenance) of the summit are covered by event income (registration fees from participants) and Foundation operating funds.

Q6. After registering for the AHS, if the Winner is unable to attend the same, how to get the Award ?

Ans: We expect the Award Winner's presence on the day of Celebration. If not, He/She can can depute a person to receive the Award during the ceremony. (or) VIHA Team will send the Award Certificate via courier to the Winner's Address during the 4th week of December 2020. However, as soon as the Winner register for the event, His/Her name will be appear in the Award Winners List, His/Her Profile will be uploaded in the Web page.