28 November 2020 at Green Park Chennai, India

Welcome to the official webpage of the 3rd Annual Healthcare Summit - AHS 2020!

The 3rd Annual Healthcare Summit is convened by the Center for Health and Medical Sciences (CHMS) of Venus International Foundation (VIF) and conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING.

The Annual Healthcare Summit (AHS) provides a forum for talented "Multidisciplinary Healthcare Professionals to Collaborate in High-quality Research, Practices and Services". Also, the AHS support collaborative relationships to create and disseminate new scientific knowledge that will help to generate impactful research about the safety and quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare in order to inform and shape healthcare practice.

Event Theme: To focus on Early Disease Detection, Personalized Treatment and Prevention (Integrating Technology, Patients and Doctors)

Event Code: HS20EN03SN-025

Event Type: Scientific Workshop

The AHS 2020 invites Clinicians/Physicians, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Therapists, Researchers and Professors working at Teaching Hospitals/Clinical Establishments/Research Laboratories/Academic Institutions and working in the frontiers of Medical/Medical Super and Surgical/Surgical Super Specialties - Dental Specialties - Pharmacy - Nursing - Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy - Allied Health Sciences - Biomedical Sciences and Engineering - Public Health.

The Secretariat

The General Chair – AHS 2020,
Center for Health and Medical Sciences - CHMS,
Venus International Foundation,
No.1, Ganesh Nagar Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088, Tamilnadu, India.
Phone : 044 - 22531502
Email : chms@venusinfo.org

The Committee

Dr. R. Sathishkumar - General Chair | Mobile: +91 9840387119 | Email Id: chairman@venusinfo.org

Mrs. M. S. Sudha - Program Chair | Mobile: +91 9790765339 | Email Id: director@venusinfo.org

Dr. T. R. Ganeshbabu - Publications Chair | Mobile: +91 9840556456 | Email Id: contact@venusinfo.org

Note: Erstwhile the event is conducted separately as an Annual Medical Summit (AMS 2018 and AMS 2019), Healthcare Meet (AHM 2018 and AHM 2019) Dentistry Summit (ADS 2019).

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3rd Healthcare Awards - VIHA 2020

  • Categories
  • Award for Excellence
    Professor of the Year
    Outstanding/Young Clinician
    Outstanding/Young Dentist
    Outstanding/Young Pharmacist
    Outstanding/Young Nurse
    Outstanding/Young Physiotherapist
    Outstanding/Young Occupational Therapist
    Outstanding/Young Researcher

    Note: Refer clause 3.2 of the Policy Document for Criteria

  • Important Dates (REVISED)

    Closing date :
    28 August 2020

    To submit supporting documents :
    28 August 2020

    Announcement of Winners :
    On or before 28 August 2020

    Award Presentation/Celebration :
    28 November 2020