The ILCA 2019

File No.: IL19EN01SN-023

Meet Code: AM-IX/ILCA/2019

Type: Academic Workshop

Normalized Pub. Name: 1st Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards

Acronym: ILCA 2019

Date: 2 November 2019

Location City: Chennai

Location Country: India

1st Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards - ILCA 2019


This page provides a summary of the 1st Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards - ILCA 2019, hosted by The Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) of Venus International Foundation (VIF) on 2nd November 2019 at Green Park Chennai, India.

The Industry Leadership Conclave provides a platform to the Industry Leaders, Government Leaders and Policy makers for exchanging ideas, sharing views and also provide a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics of the current industry. It acknowledge and promote the Industry Leaders who play an important part in shaping the sectors, by recognizing an individual who consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership by their willingness to go above and beyond to serve the industry.

The CLD of VIF organized a full day 1st Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards on on 2nd November 2019 at Green Park Chennai, India. It is a 1st Meet and was attended by 40 delegates (represented 3 Country: from UAE, Malaysia and India) those are employed in eligible individuals employed in the Industries in the capacity of 'CEO, President, Vice President, Director, General/Senior/Assistant Manager, Coordinator and Head of Institution/Department/Division'

Theme: To create a highly productive day by managing the interference.


I. Inauguration

In many ways the meet is unique: the traditions of being by invitation only, have always been intended to promote intense and positive discussion between the experts in the field. The intent of the meet is not archival publication, but rather to provide a forum to build community and to stimulate discussion, new insight and experimentation.

In the Inaugural session

Dr. R. Sathishkumar, Chairman - VIF and General Chair of the meet delivered the presidential address

Shri. B. Panneerselvam, Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. - CPCL, delivered special address.

Mr. MKE Umar, Secretary - Seethakathi Trust, Kilakarai, India delivered special address.

II. Keynote Session

The Meet Speakers and the titles of their talks were as follows:

Professor Dipak Kumar Maiti, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
Indian Scenario in Aviation

Dr. Swarna V Kanth, CSIR - Central Leather Research Inst., Chennai, India
Leather Sector in India: How did we get here

III. Awards Ceremony

The Industry Leadership Awards (ILA) scheme was instituted in the year 2019 by the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) of Venus International Foundation (VIF), are presented yearly during the Industry Leadership Conclave (ILC) that is conducted during November month of the year. The scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Policy, Application Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust.

The ILA 2019 invites nominations vide F. No. VIF/CFN/ILA/2019 opened on May 2, 2019 from eligible individuals employed in all the major sector of the Industries.

Chief Guest: Hon'ble Justice Hon'ble Justice T. N. Vallinayagam
Judge - Lok Adalat, High Court of Madras, Chennai, India

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