Advanced Scientific Research - AScR Diploma

The Diploma has new features to develop the human resources as per the requirements of contemporary demands. It is aiming to strengthen technological capabilities of mid career and working professional who has desire and capability. It is established to meet new and unmet educational needs for which there are no existing resources. It operate on self-supporting basis meaning that they are required to cover the full-cost of the programme includes administrative (accounting/payroll, audit and purchasing), enrollment, faculty & other costs.

Features: The Diploma is a unique scientific research programme designed with specialized goals in the context of global developments and trends. Without disrupting the career progression, this self-paced independent course enable the candidate to carry forward research work at his/her own place. It address the specific needs and offer schedules that are more accessible.

Advantages: The programme helps to pursue own research interests and is an indicator that the candidate has a worthwhile research project to undertake. It enhance the competence and provides a stepping stone to new opportunities. It reflect the contemporary thinking in the field and help to narrow the topic and force to describe an idea systematically. It expands the research scope and level of responsibility that in turn establish a track record in the research area.