AWM Facts

2 Annual Events

252+ Participants/Attendees

10 Speakers

6 Guest of Honours

3 Reports

Overview - Annual Women's Meet

AWM connects leading Women professionals, women leaders, experts, peers to explore collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures

AWM is conducted during March month of the year. The AWM aiming to provide a platform for Working Women Professionals to connect with Successful Leaders, Researchers, Experts, Peers to explore collaboration, partnerships and joint ventures.

Empowering women has proved powerful in order to accelerate progress in each country, through facilitating networking, coordination, and collaboration among women and women’s groups.

The aspirations and needs of women are considered, valued and favored equally in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities.

In the development context, a gender equity goal often requires built-in measures to compensate for the historical and social disadvantages of women.

It offers to learning resources, and materials on the basic concepts on women’s economic empowerment, as well as on specific thematic areas (policy, employment, workplace, entrepreneurship, resources, agriculture, energy and the environment, leadership and data/statistics) to strengthen Women's capacity.