The ARM 2018

Normalized Pub. Name: 4th Annual Research Meet

Acronym: ARM 2018

Event Date: August 11, 2018

Location City: Chennai

Location Country: India

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Research Awards Report

4th Annual Research Meet - ARM 2018

ARM 2018, August 11, 2018 at Radha Regent, Chennai City

Welcome to the official webpage of the 4th Annual Research Meet - ARM 2018 !

    Researchers are our lifeblood and they generate knowledge/develop new ideas that create the future and the same is applicable outside of the research setting, for the advancement of humanity, policy, and economic development. It contributes directly to our level of prosperity and the well-being of individuals and society.

The 4th Annual Research Meet - ARM 2018 is convened by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) of Venus International Foundation & conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution vide F.No.VIF/MIN/BM-III/2018 held on February 19, 2018 at VIF Head Quarters.

The 4th ARM is conducted to potentiate the value of collaborative discussion and innovation which is the heart of economic growth. The event seeks to bring together Key Scientists, Professors and Industrialists, Business Incubators, and Key Players in the areas of Research and Development.

The Meet is aiming

To create opportunities to collaborate and develop a new culture to drive research, innovation, and economic activity and to form bridges among groups, and empower innovation

To generate alignment as well as points of intersection between the agendas of research, existing resources and opportunities

To highlight intellectual capital in order to promote improved technology transfer, development, and commercialization of the intellectual property

To strengthen society’s technological capabilities and understanding of the role that science, technology and innovation play in economic development

To integrate activities in science, technology, and innovation, with economic development and competitiveness issues

To develop and strengthen the science, technology and innovation infrastructure

The ARM 2018 invites participants those are in continuous regular service in academic institution and working on the frontiers of Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Science, Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Benefits of ARM

Meetings are an important part of the lives of many people!

It bring people together and by the very objective of building community around a subject, they have a positive social impact.

It is also possible to go beyond engaging the attendees at events and reach out to ensure surrounding communities, staff and other stakeholders benefit from the event.

Attending a VIF Meet will be a novel learning/social experience in addition to the conventional enjoyment - memorable recreation etc.

    The energy of like minded individuals can meet experts & influencers face to face

    New Tools - New Tips & Tactics - Greater Focus

    Learning beyond a field or interest (Investing In Yourself)

    Networking - The ability to share ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals

The Secretariat

The General Chair - ARM 2018,
Centre for Advanced Research and Design,
Venus International Foundation,
No. 1, Ganesh Nagar Main Road,
Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088, India
Ph: 044 - 22531502

The Committee

    General Chair
    Dr. R. Sathishkumar (+91 9840387119 |

    Program Chair
    Mrs. M. S. Sudha (+91 9790765339 |

    Finance Chair
    Ms. S. Dilli Kalyani (+91 9840556456 |

    Publications Chair
    Dr. T. R. Ganeshbabu (