2nd Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards – ILCA 2020

Mr. B. Panneerselvam

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd. – CPCL!

Delivered Special Address during the ILCA 2019

Mr. MKE Umar

Secretary – Seethakathi Trust, Chennai, India

Delivered Special Address during the ILCA 2019

Dr. Swarna V Kanth

CSIR – Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai, India

Delivered Keynote Speech during the ILCA 2019

Prof. Dipak Kumar Maiti

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

Delivered Keynote Speech during the ILCA 2019

12 December 2020 at Green Park Chennai

Welcome to the official webpage of the 2nd Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards – ILCA 2020!

The 2nd Industry Leadership Conclave and Awards – ILCA 2020 is convened by the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) of Venus International Foundation (VIF) and conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution.

The Industry Leadership Conclave provides a platform to the Industry Leaders, Government Leaders and Policy makers for exchanging ideas, sharing views and also provide a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics of the current industry. It acknowledge and promote the Industry Leaders who play an important part in shaping the sectors, by recognizing an individual who consistently demonstrate outstanding leadership by their willingness to go above and beyond to serve the industry.

The ILCA 2020 invites Leaders from the Industries working in the sectors of Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations – Aerospace and Aviation – Agriculture, Environment, Forestry and Fishing – Arts, Media, Entertainment and Recreation – Automobiles – Banking, Economics, Finance, Insurance and Taxation – Chemicals and Fertilizers – Coal – Construction – Corporate Management – Education, Coaching and Consulting – Electronics, Information and Communication Technology – Energy, Utilities and Resources – Food Processing – Health Care – Human Resource Development – Leather - Manufacturing – Mining – Oil and Gas – Petroleum and Petrochemical – Pharmaceutical – Power and Energy – Print and Publication – Professional, Scientific and Technical Services – Science and Technology – Shipping – Sports – Steel – Textile and Fashion – Tobacco – Transport – Water Resources at the capacity of 'CEO, President, Vice President, Director, General/Senior/Assistant Manager, Coordinator and Head of Institution/Department/Division'

Theme: To create a highly productive day by managing the interference.

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2nd Industry Leadership Awards

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    Tamilnadu, India.
    Phone : 044 – 22531502
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  • The Committee

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