The Institute of Continuing Education - ICE offers academic programmes for mid career and working professionals.


To serve society by creating knowledge, and putting knowledge to work with excellence


To create a brilliant future for the working professionals focused on research and discovery


Institute of Continuing Education,

Venus International Foundation,

No.1, Ganesh Nagar Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088, Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: 044 - 22531502

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Institute of Continuing Education - ICE

4+ Annual Events

150+ Participants

12+ Speakers

Welcome to the Institute of Continuing Education

Institute of Continuing Education - ICE is a part of the Foundation which is accessible to all, regardless of previous study or educational background. Our learning courses are designed to inspire and encourage further study for personal enrichment. Our aim is to make the learning environment a welcoming, supportive and rewarding one for all.

Continuing education is all about you. Our goal is to offer you learning experiences that excite, inspire and motivate you. You can enroll in a part-time programme that will challenge you to push your boundaries into new areas. We look forward to welcoming you to continuing your education. Courses take place throughout the year. Our flexible approach to learning makes the ICE accessible to everyone.

ICE offers vibrant and diverse Diploma and Certificate programmes in array of subjects to strengthen your professional skills and career prospects in a wide range of subject areas. We invite input from employers, professional organisations and industry, and welcome the ideas for creating new professional studies programmes.

List of Courses

Education and Social Science