Timeline of Meetings

The Meeting timlines/processes are given in the following section

Phase - I (Month 1 to 3)
Forming a committee-Fixing a date & venue-Creation of Webpage-Release of Brouchure/Agenda
Announcements - Publicizing the Meet
Identifying/Inviting the speakers
Notification of call for nominations for awards associated with the event
Acknowledgment of the receipt of Nomination Application documents
Nomination Screening & Judging process

Phase - II (Month 4 to 7)
Selected nominees will be communicated with a formal letter via email
Event Registration Process
Registered Nominee's File will be Approved/sent to official release at Webpage and Meet/Award Report
Official Invitation Letter will be sent to attend the Meet
A confirmation slip will be communicated to the registered nominee to ensure the attendance

Phase - III (Month 8 to 9)
Event invitation, final agenda, hosp. committee details will be released
Instructions to participants on the Registration Desk timings/Run sheet of event
Publishing the award winners list in the official website
The Meet & Award Ceremony

Phase - IV (Month 10 to 12)
Uploading the Event Photos in the webpage
Summary of event (details/glimplses) is released in an exclusive webpage
Releasing comprehensive profile of the Award Winner in an exclusive webpage
Release of the Meet & Award Report
Evaluating the success of the Meet

Venus International Foundation (It is the legal name & trade name), the country’s leading higher education event management organization (Tertiary Sector - Services/Meetings Industry | Taxes ), providing a forum to the appropriate target group by organizing unique Professionally Planned Annual Meetings (Academic Workshop + Awards Ceremony), with the aim of generating new knowledge and better understanding.

Source of income of the Trust to run the event: The registration fees are the major source of revenue for running the event. All the expenses of the events (Accounting and Auditing fee - Bank charges Electricity, Telephone, Internet - Employees Salary/Benefits - Equipment/Major Rentals - Gifts/ Premiums - Labor cost - Lunch and Hall Expenses - Materials - Office Rent and Maintenance - Packaging - Photography - Planning - Postage Expense - Printing and Stationery - Promotion & Publicity - Publications - Stage decoration expenses - Taxes - Website Design & Maintenance) are covered by the event income (registration fees from the participants) and Foundation operating funds.